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Goldfish are a digital and marketing agency for organisations who want to create, change and grow

What makes us

The problem solving of a
Business consultancy
The storytelling of a
Marketing agency
The creativity of a
Design studio
The expertise of a
Technology business
The actionable insights of a
Data team

All in one

Creating virtual brands for Deliveroo

Green Goat Pizza is a vegan pizza place, using all organic ingredients to make sustainable impact

Green Goat Pizza

Doubling food sales online

Basilico is an authentic Italian kitchen
with a fresh, new approach

We are committed to looking after our teams, offering great digital marketing and design services at a fair price, and delivering results which change the world for the better

Goldfish team

Goldfish are a
European agency with
3 offices in 3 countries,
speaking 6 languages and
working on products with
customers in 32 countries

Our team is growing, so get in touch if you have skills in digital, marketing, design or data.