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Goldfish has partnered with Virgin Management to be Virgin StartUp’s full service marketing team for the last two years.

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Services used


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Strategy


  • Funnel Analytics
  • Web Development


  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media Management and Production
  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
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Virgin StartUp are the Virgin Group’s not-for-profit which enables founders to start up and thrive. They provide founders and future founders with access to funding, support, mentoring and advice.

Virgin StartUp lacked the in-house expertise and resources to create and exercise effective marketing strategies and campaigns. They needed a marketing team but didn’t know how to build one.

They also inherited a legacy website which didn’t provide the right brand or user experience, lacked any data insight and converted loan applicants poorly.


A fully operational external marketing department, including social media management, visual design, copywriting, video production and senior marketing consultancy. Goldfish recently won a competitive pitch to also deliver a new website for Virgin StartUp, a project starting in September 2020.

What we did

Goldfish provide a full service marketing department, including digital, creative and consultancy, so that the Virgin StartUp team can focus on delivering impact for founders and future founders in the UK.

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Virgin StatUp Poster


All businesses are the stories of the founders behind them. We took a founder-led approach to Virgin StartUp’s Instagram channel to tell their stories and build a community of engaged future founders.


increase Instagram following
Virgin StatUp Instagram


The most valuable B2B social channel was the most underused. We focussed on growing followers and engagement from entrepreneurs to help build brand awareness, drive leads and make direct sales.


increase LinkedIn following
Virgin StatUp LinkedIn


Using CRM and PPC campaigns, we drove the largest ever revenues generated from events the company had ever seen.

Largest ever

revenue generated from event ticket sales

Visual Refresh

We refined the brand’s guidelines and created a new digital-first style guide to improve the brand experience online.

Virgin StatUp Workbook
Virgin StatUp Greeting

We retain Goldfish to manage all our digital marketing activities, from top to bottom, including SEO, PPC, social media and content production. It has been an incredible experience. Not only have they created profitable PPC campaigns, but they have grown our brand inline with our vision, increased the quality and quantity of loan leads, and given everything we do a brilliant visual refresh.

Andy Fishburn | CEO of Virgin StartUp
Andy Fishburn

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