How to Increase Ecommerce Sales

In 2020, it’s essential your business knows exactly how to increase ecommerce sales, as offline sales decrease rapidly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Your solution to this problem? Putting online first.

Imagine this: your company offers a user-friendly, navigable website that continuously converts website visits into returning customers. 

But, maybe you’re not quite there yet? 

It’s essential that you know how to increase ecommerce sales in 2020 and beyond, in order to increase conversions and profit in a world where the virtual is now paramount. Also, to choose the right ecommerce platform such as Shopify, Woocommerce or Magneto (but that’s for another time). 

We’ve consulted our digital marketing experts to explore 10 ways you can increase ecommerce sales, fast.

1. Utilise the power of video

What’s a great way to get return on investment? By using videos on your ecommerce site. 

Visuals hook users. By enabling them to see products first-hand, using videos as part of your strategy will increase ecommerce sales.

84% of consumers have admitted they have been convinced in the past to buy a product by watching videos on a company’s site.

With attention spans on reading decreasing, and text being skim read by internet users, it is crucial you understand how to increase ecommerce sales through the use of video.

2. Display offers, discounts and deals

Whether you’re an early-stage startup or an established business, it’s important to utilise the power of offers, discounts and deals on your ecommerce website. 

No matter your budgets, offers can be created as easily as lifting the base price of your products, and then applying discounts. 

This is one of the most instant ways to drive sales, as consumers shop around for the best price. 

3. Direct to popular products on your homepage

Internet users are lazy. With millions of search results and easy-to-click links, consumers would rather be told exactly what to buy. 

What are your most popular products? Which are influenced by a popular trend in society? What products are best value for money for the customer? 

If you’re on one of the top ecommerce platforms such as Shopify or Woocommerce then this comes right out of the box. A quick change.

Display your best products on your homepage to literally engineer conversions and direct the customer journey to increase sales via ecommerce.

How to increase ecommerce sales on your estore

4. Cater to all payment options

Ensure your ecommerce site has the capability to cater to all payment types – this is a super simple route in how to increase ecommerce sales.

From different credit and debit card providers, to new ways to shop, such as Klarna or PayPal, examples of payment options you should consider are:

There’s nothing worse than having directed your customer through the site, to have them bounce at the last hurdle. 

5. Build your brand outside of ecommerce

Why should a customer buy from your business? Customers choose to buy with brands they trust. 

Trust needs to be developed outside of your chosen ecommerce platform. Through your marketing strategy, including social media and paid traffic. 

How can you increase ecommerce sales through marketing? Showcasing your products on social media keeps at the forefront of users’ minds what your company is all about.

Giving a behind-the-scenes look into your company culture and team will build trust and deliver on your company’s philosophy.

Sharing user generated content on your social platforms will help customers become a part of a community, encouraging further purchases. 

And by investing in paid traffic, ads on social media can drive traffic to your ecommerce site, increasing conversions.

6. Ramp up website usability

It’s been widely reported that you have just 15 seconds to grab the attention of a user on your ecommerce website. 

It’s also reported that users should be able to click only 3 times in order to reach your check-out page, to make the user experience simple. 

How to increase ecommerce sales through optimisation? Optimise your website to ensure it’s user-friendly.

7. Add customer service features to your site

How do you feel if you contact a brand you’ve been dissatisfied with, only to receive silence from their email inbox? It disillusions the user, you lose faith in the brand and you’re not rushing back to buy from them again. 

Ensure there are various customer service features available on your ecommerce website. 

Some good options include: a live chat functionality; monitoring social accounts regularly as most queries will arise there; offer an email address and dedicated phone line for customers to have multiple ways to get in touch. 

Providing these options develops customer trust, and will ensure you increase ecommerce sales.

How to increase ecommerce sales on shopify

8. Improve navigation of your site and optimise for mobile

Ensure your website’s navigation is: intuitive, simple, filled with call-to-actions (CTAs) and not asking too much from the user. 

Users should be able to intuitively follow the customer journey without confusion, with as little steps before checkout as possible. Purpose-fuelled CTAs instruct users to buy and when asking for personal information from the user, it must be clear how their information will be used.

How to increase ecommerce sales is as simple as ensuring the user can get to the checkout page without difficulty.

9. Up your site security

It’s essential that you ensure your ecommerce site is secure. 

To do this, you need to ensure your website uses HTTPS. This is the padlock in the top left corner of your site.

Not only is it useful for payment pages, but it is also a feature that is now ranked in Google, so in order to rank efficiently on the search engine, you’ve got to invest in HTTPS.

10. Don’t forget your loyal customers

Customer acquisition is not the only way to increase ecommerce sales for your business. 

It’s essential to target your existing, loyal customers and tailor your strategy to include them. 

Loyal customers are easier to target, because they already have your business’ interests at heart. They understand the brand, know what products they love, and they’re more likely to keep coming back to purchase. 

Having a robust customer retention strategy is key because it improves loyal customers’ user experience on your site, ensuring they keep buying your products – and it can allow for strategies such as rewards programmes, or specific discount codes for existing customers, increasing the likelihood of further purchases. 

Don’t forget customers that have already shown you their loyalty, because it’s these users who will keep coming back for more. 

So, there are 10 options on how to increase ecommerce sales. You can thank us later.