Why so Cheerful?

Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd had an idea, about ideas. In a world of division, deception, climate crisis and splintered societies, Ed and Geoff decided to take a brighter look at the world we live in, and find out what’s shaping our futures for the better.

When we met Ed and Geoff, they had already produced over 50 episodes of Reasons to be Cheerful, one of the most popular and thought-provoking podcasts in the UK today.

Reasons to be Cheerful was just the beginning though.

They came to Goldfish to create a movement for change, communicated superbly, which engaged an optimistic and thoughtful audience and galvanised them around the ideas which could fix our world. They wanted to understand their listeners and why they listened to the podcast. What would move them from listening to ideas to taking actions?

The big picture

How can a great podcast about ideas lead to a better world? How can it practically help change the world? With government? Despite government?

What we delivered
  • Grow the audience

    We grew listenership by 20% in 3 months. Today, Reasons to be Cheerful is listened to by 80,000 people weekly.

  • Design a sustainable, impact-first business model

    The business model had to amplify the ideas discussed on the podcast and help listeners change the world around them, rebranded the podcast for the mobile age and created a new brand framework.

  • Web design

    Cheerfulpodcast.com is the home for curious optimists who want to change the world for the better. Cheerful is a platform for progressive ideas where people converge around policies which can give people something to be hopeful about. It elevates brilliant ideas and the people behind them to an engaged audience.

  • Grow revenue

    We created a business model which generated sponsorship and advertising revenue from diversified sources which created cumulative value underpinned by a theory of change.

  • Redefining the brand

    We rebranded the podcast for the mobile age and created a new brand framework

  • Be more social

    We increased social media followers by 20% and engagement by 200%