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Designing a new pizza brand for changing tastes

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Green Goat Pizza


Green Goat Pizza is changing the pizza delivery game for good.

London-based pizza company, Basilico, needed to engage a different audience and cater to changing food tastes, but was held back by its legacy brand. Their audience was older, the brand was too heritage and their price points weren’t attractive to younger customers.

Third party apps like Deliveroo and Uber Eats had disrupted the delivery market, and Basilico needed a way of sustaining the business which leveraged their physical stores across London whilst growing a new and younger demographic which could scale across the UK.


We created the first of a series of new, digital franchise brands to be operated as delivery-only, running out of existing Basilico stores, but appealing to a new audience. Green Goat is a purpose-first brand, focused on sustainability, environmentally conscious, meat-free and vegetarian tastes.

What we did

Goldfish took a step back and audited the sector based on changing food tastes, consumer behaviour and emerging food trends, and identified a gap in the pizza delivery market. We used a purpose-led approach to brand design to create something which spoke to the heart, head and stomach. Green Goat was positioned as good for you, and the planet.

We reviewed the customer experience of pizza delivery to leverage the touchpoints which were misunderstood and underserved, to engage a new audience with innovative messaging. We worked closely with Deliveroo to understand what works – and what doesn’t – in terms of App Store optimisation for delivery apps.

Green Goat Pizza
Green Goat Pizza


We took a purpose-led approach to brand development to ensure that Green Goat Pizza cut through the noise in one of the most competitive food sectors in the market.

Green Goat Pizza

Pizza Box

Why has the humble pizza box been left out of brand communications for pizza companies? We redesigned the box to grab attention, educate, inform and encourage sharing online. Fully recycled and recyclable of course.

Green Goat Pizza box

Tube Advert

The brand needed to be loud, proud and bold. We used our purpose to ensure that the message cut through without patronising.

Green Goat Pizza Tube advertings
Green Goat Pizza Tube advertising


We designed the menu from the ground up to appeal to changing tastes. All the pizzas are available as vegan and gluten-free, and we use fresh, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Green Goat Pizza menu
Green Goat Pizza menu folded

We had targets when launching Green Goat Pizza – ambitious targets – and Goldfish exceeded them within 6 weeks of launch. I can’t wait for more of the UK to try the Goat!

Tim Alanthwaite | Owner of Green Goat Pizza
Tim Alanthwaite | Owner of Basilico Pizza

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